Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere

Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale
Commission H: Waves in Plasmas

Official recommendation
proposed by Commission H, and passed by Council of URSI,
University of Toronto, 13-21 August 1999


  1. the lack of comprehensive maps of the distribution of VLF and ELF waves in the magnetosphere
  2. the need of this information to evaluate properly the losses of radiation belt particles due to resonant wave particle interactions
  3. the need of this information to evaluate the electromagnetic noise levels in different frequency ranges in designing antennae for future space missions

URSI recommends:

  1. that a comprehensive spatial survey of the power spectrum (intensity versus wave frequency), of the polarization and of the propagation directions (k-vector) be undertaken in the magnetosphere
  2. that already available data sets from Radio Antennae flown in the Magnetosphere be first identified, catalogued and analyzed in order to build empirical models and maps of the 3-D distribution of these wave parameters in the Radiation Belts and in the whole magnetosphere
  3. that comprehensive maps of the occurrence frequency of special wave emissions (whistlers, chorus, plasmaspheric hiss, etc...) observed in the magnetosphere be produced based on existing and future wave measurements

List of proposers

  • V. Baskirov
  • M. Parrot
  • M. Clilverd
  • C. Rodger
  • F. Darrouzet
  • A.J. Smith
  • P. Décreau
  • L.R.O. Storey
  • J.L. Green
  • K. Tang
  • M.K. Hudson
  • B. Tsurutani
  • R.W. Hughes
  • M. Walt
  • U.S. Inan
  • F. Lefeuvre
  • J.F. Lemaire
  • H. Matsumoto
  • M. Panasyuk
  • R. Horne

and the VERSIM Community (VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of Ionospheres and Magnetospheres)


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