Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere

The SEVEM database system provides a user-friendly access to information about all the missions/satellites in the terrestrial magnetosphere, which have been equipped with radio antennae and/or fluxgate magnetometers.

Before accessing the database, please register. You will be informed about major updates by e-mail. Registration gives you free access to this public database. The help pages explain how to use the SEVEM database.

  • The Commissiom H (Plasma Waves) of URSI (Union Radio Science International) has voted a Recommendation at the URSI 1999 General Assembly in Toronto in August 1999, to support the modeling effort to survey and map the ELF and VLF wave environment.

  • A publication presented at the CLUSTER II Workshop in London in September 1999 explains the main features of the SEVEM Project.


If you have any comments or any updates to offer to provide this catalogue, please contact Fabien Darrouzet.


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