Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere - HELP PAGE

On this web site, you will find some information about all the missions/satellites which have made or are making some measurements of waves in the magnetosphere with magnetometers or radios-antennas. These information are orbital parameters, information about the satellites, addresses of PI or of Co-I responsible of the wave experiments, bibliographical references regarding the wave instruments and the utilization of the wave data, data ranges and information about the availability of the wave data. These information exist for 87 satellites.

To access the catalogue, you have to register to give some information (name, institute, country and e-mail address) in order to receive major updates or new information about this website.

You have access to a publication that presents the website and the SEVEM project and to a Recommendation from the Commission H (Plasma Waves) of URSI (Union Radio Science International), which supports this work.

After the registration (to register, your computer have to accept cookies and JavaScript), you will have a free access to all the catalogue and you will not have to register the next time (you could access the database as many times you want).

If you see errors or if you have any comments, please send an e-mail to Fabien Darrouzet.



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